Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's New in Dynamics Ax 4.0 AOS?

The Application Object Server (AOS) provides the infrastructure to execute the business logic on the middle tier of a 3-tier Microsoft Dynamics AX installation. The AOS handles the connectivity, security, and database connection management that an Microsoft Dynamics AX system requires.

In Microsoft Axapta 3.0, the AOS was a standalone program, that is, an executable file that was started and stopped by the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Manager, which functioned as a load-balancing application. In Microsoft Dynamics AX, the AOS is implemented as a Microsoft Windows Service to take advantage of the following:

· Windows Service applications run in the security context of a specific user account that is different from a user that is logged on or the default computer account. After installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the default user account has all the permissions required to access Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality.
· Eliminating the dependency on the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Manager removes a security threat by which an attacker could send a command to the AOS to shut it down.
· A Windows Service application runs in its own Windows Session and takes advantage of the Service Control Manager (a feature of the Windows Server 2003 operating system) to maintain status information and to provide the user interface for managing the AOS.
· Windows Services can be configured to start at system startup or upon demand, and they continue to run even when no user is logged into the system.
· Server status can be reported to the Windows event log, allowing administrators to view errors and warnings that can aid in troubleshooting problems.


Suneel said...

NIce Venkat..

Itharaj said...

Can u pl tell what is an AOS is in layman words. How to start it and what is it's use.

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